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Great Lent/Holy Week/Bright Week 2016
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In addition to the Calendar on the Services page, here is a printable schedule for Great Lent, Holy Week and Bright Week 2016. The services listed as "Farmville Mission Station" will not take place at St. Cyprian of Carthage. On a couple of dates, an evening service wil take place at St. Cyprian after as service has been offered in Farmville.

Schedule of Services
9:00am - Liturgy of Preparation/3rd and 6th Hours
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
7:00pm - Great Vespers (New time beginning March 13)

During Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Vespers begins at 7:00pm.

During Eastern Standard Time, Vespers begins at 6:00pm

Followed by Private Confessions (otherwise by appointment)

Eve of Feast
  - Eve of Feast

We usually mark the coming of a Great Feast with the Great Vespers/Litya or Vigil service.  Check the calendar to be sure of date and time.  Private Confessions will be heard following the service.

  - Divine Liturgy

We will normally offer the Divine Liturgy on the day of a Great Feast. Check the calendar to see the correct time and service scheduled.

You are Welcome to Worship with Us
"O Heavenly King"
Look for us along Huguenot Springs Road
Look for us along Huguenot Springs Road
Pray with us
Pray with us
"Remember, O Lord"

Feast Days

Please consult our calendar page for Eve of Feast and Feast Day service times.  Thank you!

The Rev. David Arnold
The Rev. David Arnold
The Rev. David Arnold


Come and See!


-John 4:29

If you are not a Christian, but are curious and just want to learn more about the faith, come and see.

If you are hungering for genuine worship, an ancient offering of adoration and not a lecture or emotional pep-rally, come and see.

If you are a Christian who is tired of following this new religious leader or that new contemporary Christian emphasis, come and see the living tradition that has been from the beginning.

If you are an Orthodox Christian and need to unite yourself to a community with which to walk the narrow path, come and see.

We will welcome you in love and with open arms.